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80% of New Startups Fail

Most could have avoided failure if they would have DREAM$ Tested


Only 2% achieve $1M

The real goal is to hit $1M.  Unfortunately, 98% never make it.


95% Never Start

Most of the people who say they want to start never take the 1st step

You Can Change Your Life Today

Build a Business You Love

If you loved your job you wouldn't be here.  Do something you love

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You are either working to make yourself rich or working to make others rich.

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The only person stopping you from living the life you want is YOU!

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Hi, I'm Scott

I used to go to work every day and dream about changing my life.  When I finally had enough with the rat race, I found a way out.

I went from a basement startup to retiring after selling the business I built from scratch.

Today, I help thousands of entrepreneurs like you achieve their DREAM$.

No matter where you are at in the process you are ready to take the steps that will change your life.  Find out how to unleash your Entrepreneurial Spirit.

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"Entrepreneur DREAM$" Training 

Will my idea work?  Can I do it?  How do I start a business?

What do I need to do?  What are the Million Dollar Strategies?

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Imagine if you had the time to sit down with 100 successful mentors and get their best advice.  Now imagine what it feels like to get this priceless knowledge in 4-Hours.



Fact:  There is a 50% greater opportunity for success when entrepreneurs start their 2nd business.  Let Bootcamp act as your 1st startup and increase your odds for success.


Risk Management

Learning as you go doesn't end well when you start a business.  "Entrepreneur DREAM$" highlights the risks before they occur and gives you the proven strategies you need to succeed.


Competitive Advantage

From obtaining your 1st customer through passing 1M in sales.  Learn the competitive advantage concepts that will keep you one step ahead of your competition.



Mistakes cost money and some can cost you everything you own.  Investing $99 in training will help you avoid costly mistakes and help to maximize your profitability.

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The Truth About Entrepreneurship

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80% Of New Businesses Fail

Only 8% are Profitable

Only 2% hit +$1M in sales

Only 14% of owners take a Salary

Only 3% of owners take a Salary over $100K

86% of owners don't take a Salary

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