"Entrepreneur DREAM$" Training Only $99

Will my idea work?  Can I do it?  How do I start a business?

What do I need to do?  What are the Million Dollar Strategies?

Includes Everything:

($727 value)


"Failing to prepare is preparing to Fail"

Do you really have a business - or just a good idea?

When I first started my business I thought I had a good idea but had many fears and concerns.  I remember not knowing where to start and thinking about how it would feel if I failed, lost all my money and let my family down. 

After all, I wasn't an experienced entrepreneur and even though I was confident the thought of not knowing what it would really be like made me question if I was ready.  

While some people encouraged me to start, others thought I was crazy and didn't believe I could get funding, attract customers, or manage the overwhelming stress of running a business by myself.

Have you ever believed in something or thought you had a great idea but the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure caused you to question if it could really work?

If so, then you can relate to how I felt before I started my business and how I felt early on.

Luckily, a mentor told me "There is no need to create a new way to launch and run your business.  Follow the strategies and advice of successful entrepreneurs and model their success."

I quickly realized - if I wanted my great idea to become my dream business and not my worst nightmare, I had to immediately take action and discover how the successful entrepreneurs launched and grew their businesses.

For 19 years, I read every book I could find and spent thousands and thousands of dollars taking mentors out for lunches and dinners in order to pick their brains for the nuggets that would help me win.

 "Follow the strategies and advice of successful entrepreneurs and model their success." 

It was the best advice I was ever given and it enabled me to exceed every goal I ever dreamed of.

I started in my basement 19 years ago and turned my idea into a business that would provide me with the lifestyle I always dreamed of.

I was able to launch and grow my business by using the techniques and strategies that I learned from successful entrepreneurs.

I still use these techniques every day and owe my success to the entrepreneurs and mentors that taught me.

In fact, I have been teaching these techniques to hundreds of entrepreneurs that I've mentored over the last 15 years.

Recently, I decided to create a video series that teaches the secrets of creating Multi-Million dollar businesses.   Since I had to learn the path the hard way I wanted to create an easy way for entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

After 7 years of research and fine-tuning, I created "Entrepreneur DREAM$".  This online training will answer all the questions you have...

Do I have a good idea?

Can I do it? 

Will it work? 

How do I start a business? 

How will I know when I'm ready? 

What are my real risks? 

What do I need to work on before I start?

What are the best strategies? 

How do I grow my business?

How do I protect myself?  

Every question and concern you can think of is covered.  You will know if you have what it takes to succeed and will be taught the proven path to launch and grow your business.

Best of all - The training is online and you can train at your own pace.

It takes about 4 hours to complete the training and you will immediately be on the path to turning your dream into a Multi-Million dollar business.

There is no easy way to succeed as an entrepreneur (80% fail).  The only way to succeed is by doing things the right way.  If you want to join us as part of the 20% that succeed, then you need to follow the path we have created for you.

We will help to remove all the obstacles on your road to success.  The 1st obstacle is the price of training.  We know that cost is critical when you start.  That's why our training ($727 value) is only $99.  You get everything we have and what you need for the cost of one dinner with a mentor.

Let me help you reach your dreams and goals.   Start your training today and join the list of entrepreneurs who know how to beat the odds.

-Scott Lemajeur

Priceless Benefits of taking DREAM$ Training


100's of Mentors

Imagine if you had the time to sit down with 100 successful mentors and get their best advice.  Now imagine what it feels like to get this priceless knowledge in 4-Hours.



Fact:  There is a 50% greater opportunity for success when entrepreneurs start their 2nd business.  Let Bootcamp act as your 1st startup and increase your odds for success.


Risk Management

Learning as you go doesn't end well when you start a business.  "Entrepreneur DREAM$" highlights the risks before they occur and gives you the proven strategies you need to succeed.


Competitive Advantage

From obtaining your 1st customer through passing 1M in sales.  Learn the competitive advantage concepts that will keep you one step ahead of your competition.



Mistakes cost money and some can cost you everything you own.  Investing $99 in training will help you avoid costly mistakes and help to maximize your profitability.

The Truth About Entrepreneurship

This is why you need to follow the path of those who know how to win!

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80% Of New Businesses Fail

Only 8% are Profitable

Only 2% hit +$1M in sales

Only 14% of owners take a Salary

Only 3% of owners take a Salary over $100K

86% of owners don't take a Salary