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Results or excuses?  What are you going to choose today?....


Scott Lemajeur here, Basement to Retirement Guru at Entrepreneur Reality.

I'm an entrepreneur that got fed up with working for other people and found a way out of the rat race.   I had a great idea and turned it into my DREAM$ business.


Scott Sell

The reason I look so happy in this picture is because this is the day I sold my business.

Here I am signing the final contracts to sell the business that I started in my basement and grew into a business where I could live the life I always wanted.

Getting to this point was an amazing journey and I loved every day and every minute of this adventure.

Today I help thousands of entrepreneurs turn their great ideas into Multi-Million Dollar DREAM$ business.

I started Entrepreneur Reality because I wanted to give back.   I wanted to give entrepreneurs the tools and path to financial freedom.


My History


I started in my basement with nothing but a great idea and a P.O. Box.  As my knowledge and skills increased so did my business.   I went from a desk in my basement to a small office, then a small building, then a large building (62,000 SF), and finally to a gigantic manufacturing facility (132,000 SF, 15.5 Acres).


From my 1st employees to the moments when we had major breakthroughs, and even when being pulled over on the way to visit our customers...I cherished my employees and the important role they played in making my company great.


At the end of the day, life is about having fun and doing what you enjoy.  My number one passion is spending time with my family.  My other passion has always been helping other entrepreneurs with their businesses.  The world of entrepreneurship is a brotherhood and this is why I created Entrepreneur Reality.


Entrepreneur Reality was started because too many businesses fail.  I felt that entrepreneurs needed a trusted source to provide them with the experience, knowledge, and training needed to be successful.   I put together Entrepreneur Reality to provide entrepreneurs with the proven method for success.  It's based on my 20 years of experience and 100's of other successful entrepreneurs.

You can turn your idea into a DREAM$ business but you need to take the 1st step.  

Results or Excuses?  Choose results and start the DREAM$ experience today!

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