Financial, Business and Personal Risks

Learn what the true financial, business, and personal risks you will face when you start your business and as your business grows.

Test your: Idea, Personality, Plan, Capital, and Skills

We all have weaknesses and need help.  Take the "Entrepreneur DREAM$" training to see if you are ready to start or where and how you can increase your opportunities for success!

Strategies and Best practices to Reduce the Risk

Learn the strategies and best practices that successful entrepreneurs use to reduce the risks.

Personality Assessment (Are you Type-E)?

You know what Type-A and Type-B is but you need to know if you are Type-E (Entrepreneur)

Business Skills Assessment

Yes, you need certain business skills in order to mitigate the risks when running your business. Take our Top 100 Critical Skills Assessment.

Cash Flow Model and Training

Of the businesses that fail, 82% fail because of Cash Flow.  Use the Cash Flow Model and training video to teach students how to manage the #1 risk to entrepreneurs.

Is it for established businesses?

"Entrepreneur DREAM$" training is designed to help Entrepreneurs understand the risks of starting and running a business. It is not limited to the risks involved with launching a business. In the training, you will learn about the risks you are currently facing as well as the many more risks that you are soon to encounter. Learning in advance about what risks you will face provides you with an opportunity to be proactive and avoid or mitigate these risks.

Will it help me launch my business?

Absolutely, the "Entrepreneur DREAM$" training is designed to shine a light on the risks, your strengths and weaknesses before you start. Timing is critical in everything you do and especially when starting a business. This training provides you with an opportunity to convert as many weaknesses to strengths and have strategies in place to mitigate the risks. The more prepared you are before you start greatly increases your opportunities for success.